From personal and professional experience, I am aware that anxiety, depression, traumatic experiences, grief, and the pains of life and marriage exist. Still, I prefer to look at what is going right with people. I believe each person has unique strengths and the personal power to overcome and find freedom and healing.

I use a variety of techniques to support clients as they develop the awareness, skills, and strategies needed to live a life they desire.

Strengths-Based Counseling– partners with the client to discover what is working and empowers the client to establish a personalized plan to leverage existing strengths for a more productive and satisfying way of life.

Couples Counseling– discovers the strengths within your marriage to cultivate improved communication and trust, with greater passion and intimacy. Specialties include trust restoration due to infidelity,  intimacy issues, and blended families

Solution-Focused Counseling– works with the client to develop solutions for existing difficulties.

Systemic & Holistic Approach– the therapist cultivates awareness of the community, relationships, physical well-being, and spirituality that impacts the client’s overall mental health.

I am a Christian believer and would be happy to discuss incorporating your beliefs into your therapeutic process.